some info about the music i like!!

recently ive been listening to happy hardcore and stuff!! never heard of it before but i think it's pretty good!! favourite songs so far: little kandi raver by S3RL and have you ever been mellow by party animals

big fan of daniel johnston. will admit that i haven't heard all of his albums (i will someday ...) but yeah!! my favourite albums are probably hi how are you, songs of pain, yip jump music, and maybe artistic vice?

i like most of mike patton's work but i mainly listen to mr bungle, peeping tom, and a little tomahawk. i will not know most songs outside of those bands. i listen to like one faith no more song (it is epic)

don't really remember when or how this started but i listen to a lot of rio romeo. i have listened to their whole discography (which is not very big in all fairness) multiple times and it's really good !!

bo burnham. yes i am ashamed of myself.

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